<b>Electronic and Electrical Products Laboratory</b> Electronic and Electrical Products Laboratory
NTEK’s electronic and electrical products laboratory has two radio wave darkrooms, three radio wave shielded rooms and multiple anti-interference test rooms and other advanced facilities. It has been accredited by many international certification ag...
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<b>Food contact materials laboratory</b> Food contact materials laboratory
Food contact Materials (FCM) refers to the material that contact directly with food in the normal use. Food contact materials and relevant products may affect the smell, taste and color of the food when contacting with it, even release some toxic chem...
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<b>Toys and baby supplies laboratory</b> Toys and baby supplies laboratory
NTEK’s toys and baby supplies laboratory mainly engage safety testing in various types of toys, child care products, crib and pram, student supplies and other products. The laboratory has the most advanced testing equipment and a group of excellent ...
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<b>Textile and Footwear laboratory</b> Textile and Footwear laboratory
NTEK Laboratoryhas established a management system based onthe ISO/IEC17025 standard. It has advanced testinginstruments and its environmentandfacilities are inthe requirements of national standards. The testing projectshavecoveredalmost all...
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