Footwear Testing

Footwear Testing

With the development of the economy and the improvement of the quality of life, people are increasing the shoes‘s requirements of comfort, environmental and health. Due to the emergence of EU regulations and the US CPSC regulations, the quality and safety of footwear products are receiving more and more attention from consumers in various countries, also the quality requirements are becoming more and more strict. Many countries and companies have established their own control requirements for footwear products. Manufacturers must ensure that their products meet all relevant standards. Now, NTEK can perform a series of physical and chemical environmental tests on footwear to help your products break through the barriers of trading, technology and environmental protection, ensuring your products are safe to export.


Leather Shoes Sports Shoes Casual shoes
Sandal Children's Shoes Infant shoes
Shoe Material Footwear Accessories  

Test Items
  •  Physical Tests
Whole Shoes Upper / Sole Bonding 
Aging Test(Heart ageing / Humidity Ageing )
Top Piece Pull Strength
Buckle and Strap Retention Strength
Seam Strength
Attachment Strength
Heel Attachment
Flexing Test (Room Temp.)
Flexing Test (Cold Temp.)
Sharp Point and Sharp Edge
Small Part
Use And Abuse
Upper / Lining Flexing Test (Room Temp.)
Flexing Test (Cold Temp.)
Abrasion Resistance (Martindale Abrasion)
Tensile Strength
Coating Adhesion Strength
Tear Strength
Abrasion Resistance(Taber)
Colorfastness to Rubbing
Colorfastness to Perspiration
Phenolic Yellowing
Waterproof (Flexing)
Leather Identification
Outsole Slip Resistance
Flexing Test (Room Temp.)
Flexing Test (Cold Temp.)
DIN Abrasion
Akron Abrasion
Tear Strength
Tensile Strength
NBS Abrasion Test
Yellowing Resistance
Hydrolysis (PU)

Insole Flexing
Magic Tape Peel Strength
Magic Tape Shear Strength
Corrosion Test
Zipper Performance
Top Piece Pull Strength
Top Piece Abrasion
Lace Strength
Salt Spray Test
Steel Shank Test
  • Chemical Tests
Regular Items Azo Dyes  
Release of  Nickel  
Total Cadmium
Chromium VI
Free Formaldehyde Content
Extractable Heavy Metals
CA Prop 65 Tests Total Lead in Surface Coating
Total Lead in Substrate
  • Other Test Items
CPSIA Tests Small Part
Sharp Point and Sharp Edge
Total Lead in Surface Coating
Total Lead in Substrate
Tracking Labels
  • Standard
AS for Australia BS for United Kingdom
AATCC&ASTM for USA DIN for Germany
CAN for Canada EN for the EU
JIS for Japan ISO for International
FZ/GB for China SATRA

Standard for China
  • Common product standard
QB/T 1002-2015 Leather shoes QB/T 2880-2016 Children’s Leather shoes
QB/T 4546-2013 Children’s Leather sandals QB/T 4552-2013 Slippers
QB/T 4329-2012 Cloth shoes QB/T 2955-2017 Casual shoes

  • mandatory standard for China
GB 20400-2006  Leather and fur-limit of harmful matter
GB 30585-2014  Safety technical specifications for Children’s footwear
GB 25036-2010  Children’s canvas rubber footwear(shoes)
GB 25038-2010  Rubber shoes healthy and safe specification
  • GB 30585-2014 Full Testing
 Items  Parts  Requirements
Physical Mechanical Safety Performance  Exposed nail  Whole shoes  not permit
  Sharp point & sharp edge Whole shoes not permit
  Broken nail Whole shoes not permit
  Small part Detachable attachment not permit(infant)
  Pull strength of attachment Whole shoes ≥70N (infant)
  Shank requirements Shank requirements comply with GB 28011
  Heel height Whole shoes ≤25mm
Odor Whole shoes ≤Class 2
Restricted Substances Cr6+ Leather & Fur ≤ 10mg/kg
  Azo dyes Textile ≤ 20mg/kg
    Leather & Fur ≤ 30mg/kg
  Formaldehyde infant ≤ 20mg/kg
    Direct contact with skin ≤ 75mg/kg
    Non-direct contact with skin ≤ 300mg/kg
  Total Heavy Metal (Pb, Cd, As) All Parts individual≤ 100mg/kg
  DMFu All Parts ≤ 0.1mg/kg
  N-nitrosamines Rubber ND(infant)
  Phthalates DINP, DIDP,DNOP Infant shoes ≤ 0.1%
    DEHP, DBP, BBP Infant shoes ≤ 0.1%
    DEHP, DBP, BBP Infant shoes ≤ 0.1%

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